Sunday, November 06, 2011

China House @ Beach Street

China House 唐人厝 by Bon Ton is located at 153 & 155 Beach Street, Penang or you can enter via 183B Victoria Street. It houses Kopi Cine or currently known simply as Kopi C. Kopi Cine was previously located at 55 Stewart Lane alongside with the Straits Collection and The Reading Room. It used to play black and white movie on a projector screen, I didn't see it in China House, which might explain the name change.The location was more secluded back then and was a best kept secret among the café lovers and wannabes. Since it was moved here, the renamed China House is already full of local and tourist alike.
Entering to China House is the most sinful table of all. Displaying all sorts of cake and pastry. I think the mirror is very strategically placed, it can be used to remind you that you need to wipe off the saliva from your chin.
If you continue walking to the back, you will find a well lit skywell, a wine cellar and a private dining room. The Reading Room @ then Straits Collection was moved here as well.
Walking through the Reading Room, you will find a courtyard and a small pond. It was like finding nirvana amidst the urban landscape.
And it is not the end yet, there is another section known as the kitchen facing Victoria Street. It will actually be used as a bar to serve alcohol and will be opened till late.Love the aluminium bar. The wooden chairs just don't fit the futuristic table but what the heck. That's what the interior designers call contrast.

There are several corners with personalized chairs and table for you to choose from.
I personally like this corner with red leather sofa. It is very extravagant and classy.
Love what they recycle and reuse the wooden signboard as a dining table. From the name of it, 永裕堂 sounds like an old Chinese medicine shop.
Then we went upstairs to visit the small theater. We were being told that this place will host movie watching and theater performance in the near future. I'm really looking forward to it.
Not sure what this is, but it looks like a kitchen to me, though. Now, here is the part where you have been waiting for, the food!
This chocolate brownies, RM10 is really rich but maybe it was a little too dry. It'd be best if you go with a black coffee or tea, so it wouldn't kill off the rich chocolate taste.
Next up is the chocolate cake with pistachio, RM10. Now that's a really good combination. The cake is really moist and once you in a while, you will find yourself chewing the much harder and less sweet pistachio, it just add some texture and different level of sweeteness to the cake.
And the winner has to go to the tiramisu with Kahlúa, RM12. The zambione layer of the tiramisu is so well done that it almost tastes like ice cream. Instead of using the usual cocoa powder to finish the top layer of the tiramisu, it was coated with a layer of nuts. There are at least 6 layers with different level of sweetness and texture, it was just awesome.
Crème with Kahlúa, RM6 isn't really a typical crème brûlée, instead of flambéing the caramel to make it hard, it was serve as a caramel sauce. The custard base is flavored with Kahlúa. I was a little disappointed as I was expecting more of the alcohol taste. But generally, it was a pleasant delight.
We were there around 3pm but they serve the breakfast menu until 6pm, so we decided to get the big breakfast with fried egg, RM28. It was served with lamb sausage, beef patty, mushroom, spinach. In addition to the typical butter, it also comes with lemon hollandaise sauce, caramelized onions and chili jam. You are expected to have fun 'mix-&-match'ing the wholewheat bread with the ingredients, I know I did :)
I had mushroom bruschetta with parmesan and cheddar, RM16. When my friend asked me how does it taste like, my answer was simply "healthy". The mushroom was splendid, it was juicy from the inside but slightly grilled from the outside. Maybe because of the whether, the lettuce and spinach in Malaysia does not look as green as those in Australia, but it was just nice. If they charge the dish slightly more expensive but with rocket, I would not mind ordering it again next time.
I'm not a coffee addict, but ever since the Australia trip, I have been substituting coffee instead of fresh juice. When it comes to coffee, I always touched when I see the latte art. It shows how much thoughts a bartender is giving while brewing the coffee.

Although Kopi Cine has become much commercialized and it kind lost its charm as a secret getaway, but it has not disappoint me from the inside. Although slightly pricey but worth every ringgit spent. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly, the interior design is thoughtful and most of all, it is very wannabe. So 4 spoons for China House.


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